Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Introducing the October 2008 Readers - 2. Rob A. Mackenzie

I’m reading on Sunday, so here’s a poem – light verse, I suppose. It’s not in the forthcoming book and I doubt I’d send this to any magazine, so it may as well go here.

Credit Crunch

Economists agree a mousehole is a last resort,
but not without merit. Cheese is currency when money
has no object. It can’t buy even a crumb
of love and lacks the crunch of, for example, celery,
but comes freely available on kitchen floors.

What does it credit anyone to gain
a notional treasure, pay back
more than they’ve borrowed, and lose the lasting
tang of gorgonzola? A mousehole spans the bottom
rung on the cheese ladder. No interest so far.


Jannie Funster said...

My mouse gnawed a hole
the shape of a heart
in my plastic piggy bank.
Thought Texas mice were different
from Nova Scotia mice,
Apparently not.
I do like their bagpipe
songs tho, wafting up from
the baseboard as I check my
bank balance online
Once I'm sure they played
hound of the sub-prime Baskerville.

From: L. Cohen's cousin's former roomate's current chef

Rob said...

Thanks Jannie. That's a great title you have (I mean the LC's cousin's former... thing). I am a big Cohen fan.